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What we do

Training / Consulting

We offer law enforcement training on a variety of subjects from professionalism to officer safety / situational awareness to de-escalation techniques.

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Personal Safety Training

We offer the Sabre Civilian Safety Awareness Program. This class teaches personal safety and self defense with the use of pepper spray.

We are also NRA pistol instuctors. We offer pistol safety classes that satisfy the conceal carry permit application process for Florida.

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Video/Situation Analysis

Video does not lie. But video also only shows one angle and does not always show the entire picture. We help to break down video to show how video can be explained to the public. We also break down video to show how we can learn from every situation we encounter.

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"Everyone needs to attend this training. Very interactive!" –Anonymous - FL

"I do not know why more people are not here!" –Anonymous - FL

"Instructor is very passionate about the material!" –Anonymous - FL

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Good use of video, photos and personal experience. Appreciate the officer safety and situational aspect of the course." –Anonymous - FL

"Prior to this course, I arrived with a certain level of knowledge and understanding. However, after this course with Instructor Gleason, he has raised my levels, chanllenged my thinking, and moved me to action with a desire to not only treach, but to learn and make aware at a level that reaches everyone. I am a better person, not just a better instructor now." –Anonymous - FL

"Instructor was excellent with keeping the class involved. Material was always interesting and current." –Anonymous - FL

"Thank you for being so knowledgeable, encouraging and dedicated." –Anonymous - FL

"Instructor was well prepared and qualified to teach the subject matter. Kept students involved and knew how to adjust the subject matter if he was losing students. Instructor is very approachable for questions. Instructor was very dedicated to this subject matter. I would recommend him as a future instructor." –Anonymous - FL

Tom Gleason showed extensive knowledge in this area as well as other subject areas such as officer safety. He showed interest in every student." –Anonymous - FL