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Deescalation Skills & Officer Safety

Goal: The goal of this presentation is to give law enforcement officers different tools to evaluate and de-escalate situations and enhance officer safety.

Summary: This course will help officers identify what causes officers and suspects to become agitated or angry. Once we know the causes we can work to control those issues. Hands on techniques should be a last resort. This class also teaches officers the basics needs of a person and how to meet those basic needs. We cover active listening, biases, adrenaline and many other subject areas that all deal with escalation and deescalation. We combine the lecture with up-to-date videos and articles. We will also cover officer safety issues to increase officer safety and reduce officer injuries & deaths.

Class Length: This eight-hour class presentation is to be given to law enforcement professionals. PowerPoint slides, videos, still photos, and class interaction will be used. Whenever possible, real-life examples will be used to show important points.


  1. The participant will define the term “de-escalation”.The participant will identify key words and facial expressions to use when he or she feels threatened.
  2. The participant will better understand how to employ techniques that can be used to de-escalate situations before resorting to the use of force.
  3. The participant will understand how his or her voice can be utilized when dealing with people.
  4. The participant will understand what adrenalin does and how to overcome the effects of the adrenaline dump.
  5. The participant will understand implicit biases and how to control them.
  6. The participant will understand the causes of anger.

Date Developed: December 12, 2015, by Tom Gleason

Research/Resource Materials: Verbal Judo Instructor Class by Dr. George Thompson; The Gift of Fear by Gavin Becker; Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; Combat Focus Shooting by Rob Picus; Safe and Legal Traffic Stops Instructors Course by IPTM (2005); Florida Basic Training Program High Liability by the State of Florida Dept. of Standards and Training (2014.07).

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